Wicker Chairs

Lots of Brand New Styles! At Wicker Warehouse, we make our furniture from high-quality wicker that is infused with protective coatings and UV-inhibitors that help to keep wicker strands from cracking, fading, or fraying. We have a variety of resin wicker furniture available including wicker arm chairs, wicker rocking chairs, wicker gliding chairs, wicker dining chairs, and wicker ottomans. 

No matter your taste or budget, here you will be able to find the ideal wicker chair that provides more than just a place for you to sit and relax. Our outdoor wicker chairs are an essential extension of your decorating style indoors. We offer you the highest quality wicker indoor and outdoor chairs from some of the most reputable manufacturers around. 

With products ranging from ottomans, dining chairs, to arm chairs, gliding chairs, and rocking chairs, our online store offers the perfect chair to complete any outdoor space. When it comes to wicker, price points vary widely, but we provide affordable quality outdoor wicker furniture that has better protective coatings to keep the fibers intact for longer so that you can enjoy your investment for a long time to come. 

Outdoor Wicker Chairs – All Weather
Also known as resin patio furniture, this type of furniture is ideal for entertaining guests or just relaxing with family outdoors. If you have a dream of turning your patio into a paradise, we can help you bring the vision that you have for your outdoor space to life with our chairs that have all the comforts of the indoors reimagined for the outdoors.

Natural Wicker & Rattan
Our natural rattan chairs are made of an all-natural material that does best in chairs that will not be outside in all elements.  Its best used indoors or in a covered area.

Did you know? A wicker chair is one of the most commonly-known items of wicker furniture in the world. Wicker chairs are timeless, easy to use, and easy to make comfortable (with our thick and comfortable soft seat cushions). Wicker Chairs come in all shapes and sizes. At Wicker Warehouse we produce stackable restaurant chairs as well as elaborate wicker chairs for use around the home.

Let’s take a closer look at some different chair types:

Stand-alone Chairs
Of course, just about any wicker chair can function as a “stand-alone” piece, but a specific type of chair is designed to stand alone. Yes, even stand-alone chairs can be used as part of a larger set. But even those chairs that are designed as part of a dining or living room set often function well as stand-alone chairs that can be used both indoors and outdoors (in the case of rattan chairs, on a protected porch).

Wicker Dining Chairs
Our light weight factory welded aluminum framed resin wicker dining chairs are made with Quality--HDPE--high density polyethylene Resin Wicker which is durable and is easy to clean and maintain. All of our chairs are stackable. This helps you store and save space at the same time.

Rattan Dining Chairs & Rattan Chairs
Our Rattan Dining Chairs use very sturdy broom handle size poles & lots of them to make our chair frames. The rattan poles are cut to size and placed in a steamer to make them pliable. They are then placed in a form that is the desired shape. When they cool they stay in that shape. The chairs are made in sections --eg--look at the back leg--see how it goes up over the chair top & then back down the other leg? Then there are the front legs. If the chair has arms they are connected to the chair back and run down into the front legs. Please notice that we use 2 or 3 poles to make each arm. Then there is the seat area and lots of suport poles underneath so the chairs maintain there shape for years to come. All of these sections are attached using tried & true rules of carpentry. The connections are then wrapped or woven over so they are not exposed. The right way is to start with good size, quality poles that are sanded smooth. This allows to them to be stained or painted properly. Each chair leg should have a plastic glide under it. Buy chairs that are made this way & you will enjoy them for years to come.

Rocking chairs
We produce a lot of rocking chairs at Wicker Warehouse because they’re a popular type of wicker piece. Many people like the association between wicker and traditional rocking chairs. Of course, the frames of these rocking chairs are vastly different than standard chairs, which means that the rattan will have to be properly shaped in order to achieve a smooth, symmetric rocking effect. A well-crafted rocking chair, however, will be easy to spot; you know it the instant you get in the chair and start rocking.

Glider chairs
A “swivel” or glider chair is a piece of furniture that somewhat resembles a rocking chair—but doesn’t really. They swivel in more than one direction, unlike the rocking chair, and are usually a favorite in outdoor settings because of this activity.

Chaise lounges
Long, wide, and flat, a Chaise Lounge is one of the best ways to relax near a pool or simply outdoors. They offer a lot of room and support for relaxing, which often means they’re capable of supporting the weight of two—a “lawn loveseat,” if you will.

Swing chairs
A favorite of people who enjoy wicker furniture meant for the outdoors, swing chairs have to be well-crafted in order to support a lot of weight for a lifetime of use. There are generally two types of swing chairs: wicker swing chairs hung from a metal frame, usually meant to seat just one or maybe two, and porch swings, which can often seat two or three. These chairs typically come with cushions attached for maximum comfort, which makes them perfect for lounging with a book while enjoying the outdoor son.

Most seating is focused on where you put your torso, but sometimes your feet need a rest too. Ottomans make a good accompaniment with both large furniture sets or stand-alone chairs. Having an Ottoman around to rest your feet upon is a great way to relax as well as to send a message to guests that you want them to relax as well. Typically, an Ottoman will come with a cushion that should match the chair it’s paired up with—this is not a problem when you buy an Ottoman as part of a larger seating set.

We also have a wide range of wicker arm chairs, wicker rocking chairs, wicker gliding chairs, and wicker ottomans that will help to complete your look. 

Whether you're looking for indoor wicker or outdoor wicker chairs to upgrade your home, office, or resort, Wicker Warehouse is the premier wicker chair shop online. We are your complete online resource for the best quality, all-weather wicker furniture available in a variety of styles from modern to traditional and everything in between. 

We make the process of selecting your ideal chair pieces as easy and hassle-free as possible, and if you need any help putting together the perfect set to make your outdoor living space stand out, we're happy to help. 

Buying in bulk?  For many of our chairs, the more you buy, the lower our prices go!  Why? Well we can ship more chairs in bulk and pass the savings onto you!

We’re available to answer questions on purchasing and protecting all-weather wicker chairs from 9 - 5 Monday through Friday and 9 - 4:30 Saturday Eastern Time. Give us a call at 1-800-274-8602.

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