Rattan Dining Sets with Casters

Rattan Dining Sets with Casters

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We marvel at the these beautiful rattan dining sets.

Construction...Think about this. They are all hand made. The frames are made of sturdy pole rattan & lots of it. They house seat & back cushions. They all swivel & they all have wheels. When these are being made 1st we have to make the seat area. Then the base has to be separately made. Then the steel mechanism has to go in between the seat area & the base. Then the wheels go on. See how each leg points directly down to the floor. The legs must point straight down to the floor or the wheels on the bottom will not roll properly.

How to actually make these designs.....the rattan poles are cut to the correct size & placed into a steamer where they become pliable. Then they are put into the form of choice for whatever set that is being made. When they cool & they stay in that shape. Then comes the carpentry to make all of the steamed parts into a real chair. Drilling. nailing, wrapping, weaving or whatever it takes. That makes the frame. Then the interior areas of the frame where the designs are have to be drilled out and the smaller, also steamed poles are inserted & attached. The chair seats are made of wood. They need to be cut to size and attached also. After the entire chair frames are made they go into the finishing room to be stained. There is more, like how the rattan has to be sanded smooth before the stains or paints are applied & how the bottom of the chair legs have to be drilled out so the wheels can be put on. The swivel mechanism area also needs to be drilled and bolted in. This is a quick summary of what it takes to make these chairs and table bases. Now, do not forget about making the cushions, wrapping & boxing the frames so they arrive to our customers in perfect condition. Amazing right? Lots of work, lots of skill & know how. AND you better start with quality rattan that has good size & strength to it.

Value...Chairs with casters cost a little more to make than regular rattan chairs, but you get a lot for your money. They also house seat & back cushions.

Fabrics..There is a nice selection of fabric to select from and our cushions are not made overseas. They are quality cushions with ties so they stay in place on the chairs.

Where to use them...these are 100% natural wicker & rattan. They must be used indoors or very dry, well covered outdoor areas. If they are exposed to the outdoor elements the rattan will get ruined in the rain & the steel mechanisms will rust.

We offer free curbside delvery to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address. We can arrange for inside delivery. The truckers charge extra for this service.

White Glove Delivery..we can arrange for professional furniture delivery services to bring your furniture inside, set it up & remove the cardboard. There is an extra charge for these services. You tell us where & we will quote you. Prices normally start around $160 for the east coast.