Wicker Hampers, Laundry Hampers

Beautiful New Hampers with removable linings! Our hampers are really well made & will enhance any area you put them in. With normal use & care you will have them a long time.

Click on the link at the very bottom of the page to view our video. It will show you how our linings are attached with velcro and are removable.

We have made & are making new shapes, new sizes, new colors for our Wicker Laundry Hampers.

Quality Construction....we make our hampers the same way we make our furniture. We make the frames from very sturdy rattan poles. After the frames are made the wicker is hand woven & hand tied over them. 

Important..please read the descriptions as  some of our Hampers have Natural Wicker woven over them and some have synthetic resin wicker woven over them. All of the frames are made from natural rattan poles.

Where to use them..our Natural Wicker Hampers must be used indoors  or very well covered outdoor araeas. They will get ruined in the weather.

Our Synthetic Resin Wicker Hampers can be used indoors or in semi-outdoor areas.  Basements, garages, porches or other similar areas. They cannot be left out in the rain.

Easy to handle...we tried to make these hampers the perfect combination of strong & light. Each hamper weighs about 11 lbs. The cloth lining is removable & washable. Easy to lift the liner out & carry the contents where ever you want. 

Availability..our Rectangular Natural Wicker Hampers have arrived & are in stock. Our Round Synthetic Resin Wicker Hampers are being made now & we expect to have them in September.

We offer Free Fed Ex shipping included in our price to most locations in the 48 states. 



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