Styles and Types of Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs

Imagine’re having five friends over for dinner and you’d like to seat everybody on your back porch so you can enjoy the warm weather. But you don’t have enough outdoor dining chairs, so you need to move some of your indoor wooden dining chairs outside.

It’s a hassle, and it gives a hodgepodge look to your outdoor decor.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to seat outdoor dinner guests on indoor wooden chairs, or on cheap plastic stackable chairs. No, thank you!

There is a far better alternative, and the solution is wicker. Synthetic wicker—made of a high quality, durable material that is designed for the outdoors—is much easier to move around than wood or iron chairs and also more affordable. It may not be as affordable as plastic chairs, but it’s far more attractive and lasts longer too. While outdoor plastic chairs can easily crack after a few seasons, outdoor wicker chairs will last for years and years.

There are many different styles of wicker dining chairs, and they’re available in sets and individually. Read on for more information about your options.

Chair Styles

Take a look at these styles of outdoor wicker dining chairs and see which suits you. Most of these are stackable. If that feature is important to you and you’re not sure if the style you like is stackable, you can call us at the number below to double check with us.

Caribbean chair

Caribbean chairs give off a clean, modern style with their sleek smooth lines and attractive shape. These chairs are available with or without arms. They look particularly stunning in black or white.

Bistro chair

Bistro chairs feature a curved back and curved arms. The sloping shape is very comfortable and the style is homey but sophisticated.

Cafe chair

Cafe chairs have a simple design that can skew retro, classic, or modern depending on the color palette you choose. A neutral, wood-inspired tone is a very chic color choice for cafe chairs.

Veranda chair

The largest available dining chair, veranda chairs are perfect for a long, laid back meal. These chairs are wider, with ample arm space.

Bar height chairs

Caribbean, bistro, and cafe style chairs are all available in bar height. The shape and style of the chair is the same. The difference of course is the leg height!

Purchasing Options

Above we covered the different styles of wicker dining chairs. Now it’s time to look at your purchasing options. How will you be using these chairs? Do you host large parties or small gatherings? The answer to these questions will help you decide whether you need a set or just a few extra chairs to have on hand.


Small, stackable chairs are great to purchase individually. If you host large informal parties and barbeques, having a dozen or more stackable wicker dining chairs allows you to offer your guests comfortable and attractive seating.

You might also choose to purchase them individually if you already have an outdoor table that you like, but your chairs are in need of an upgrade.

Small dining sets

Eating outdoors is so enjoyable! Who needs a vacation (and all the planning and exhaustion that comes along with traveling) when you can eat dinner outside every single day?

Small dining sets for two or four diners allow you to live the indoor-outdoor life whenever you choose. When selecting such a set, consider whether you want a table large enough for a few drinks and appetizers, in which case a 30 inch round table will do, or if you want a table large enough for serving and dining comfortably, in which case a 36 inch round table is a better bet.

Large dining sets

Large dining sets can seat six to ten people. If you host dinner parties and family events, then a large dining set is a great choice. These sets elevate your occasion by offering uniform style. And of course, wicker is a very comfortable option, especially when you choose dining chairs that feature thick cushions.

If comfort is key, then a large set with veranda or cushioned bistro chairs is the way to go. But if you’d like to quickly stack and unstack chairs and move them around as your events shift from six to ten diners and back again, then caribbean chairs or bistro chairs without cushions will give you that fast flexibility.

Bar height sets

You can find outdoor wicker dining chairs in bar height sets as well! These sets are so fun. Something about sitting at bar level makes you feel like you’re in a restaurant even at home. These sets can create special, intimate moments. They also look stunning next to outdoor kitchens and barbeques. When the host is cooking outdoors and standing up, it can be really nice for the guests to sit down and still see eye-to-eye with their host. Bar height sets allow you to do just that, while also giving guests a place to set their drinks on the nearby tall table.

This list of chair styles and sets should hopefully have helped you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. But if you’re still not sure which type of wicker dining chairs to go for, we’re here to answer all of your questions from 9 - 5 Monday through Friday and 9 - 4:30 Saturday Eastern Time. Give us a call at 1-800-274-8602.