South Sea Rattan

Quality Natural Rattan and Aluminum Framed Synthetic Wicker. South Sea & Wicker Warehouse have been partnering since 1979. Both are family run businesses that take pride in presenting quality furniture. You be confident the raw materials used are top notch and the cushions are American Made. If you want any South Sea Rattan products we are your source. We know where the items are made & how they are made. You will find our staff knowledgable and our will love our prices.  

South Sea Replacement Cushions... we can offer you brand new American Made Cushions for any South Sea furniture you have. We will just need to know what furniture & what pieces you have. We have the patterns. Refresh your furniture with beautiful new cushions. New cushions make a big difference for comfort & appearance. You will be happy.

Here is a link to the fabrics