Return & Exchange

Our prices are One Stop Shopping. No adding any extra costs Just what we list in our catalog. This is for deliveries being made curbside To MOST—NOT ALL locations in the 48 states.

NON RETURNABLE ITEMS: Some items are Custom Made for you. EG –full size furniture, sofas love seats, chairs, sectionals etc.You get to select which fabric you want to have the cushions made from. These products are final sales and---are not returnable.

ITEMS THAT ARE RETURNABLE: If you want to return a “returnable” product to us there will be a 20% of the original price charge restocking fee & you must also pay the shipping charges to return the products to us. These charges cover the shipping & handling to you & from you, the processing fees, box costs, labor etc, etc. Any product being returned must be in brand new condition, well wrapped and perfectly boxed so it arrives back to us in perfect condition. After & only after we receive the products back in perfect condition we will credit you 80% of the original purchase price. This must take place in a 30 day time period From the date of your order. Longer than that will not qualify for a refund.

Damages: We have very few, but it is possible that a damage may occur during the shipping process. When receiving a delivery if there is any obvious exterior damage to the carton YOU MUST Inspect the carton for damage. YOU MUST sign the delivery receipt stating any damage BEFORE the driver leaves. Call us immediately for assistance.

Please know: Our products are handmade & the sizes we provide are accurate, but may vary slightly from the measurements we list.

Deliveries: Full size furniture will be delivered in an 18 wheeler truck & that truck must be able to drive to & from your house. If the trucker cannot make the delivery you will be subject to a 20%of the original price fee for transportation back to us & restocking.

Deliveries are CURBSIDE: They are not unboxed & carried into your home.