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Rattan Dining Chairs

Scroll see our fabulous selection. We have lots of styles. Read on to understand why the quality is so good.

Construction...Welcome to our Rattan Dining Chairs. They are made of natural materials. We use very sturdy broom handle size poles & lots of them to make our chair frames. The rattan poles are cut to size and placed in a steamer to make them pliable. They are then placed in a form that is the desired shape. When they cool they stay in that shape. The chairs are made in sections --eg--look at the back leg--see how it goes up over the chair top & then back down the other leg? Then there are the front legs. If the chair has arms they are connected to the chair back and run down into the front legs. Please notice that we use 2 or 3 poles to make each arm. Then there is the seat area and lots of support poles underneath so the chairs maintain there shape for years to come. All of these sections are attached using tried & true rules of carpentry. The connections are then wrapped or woven over so they are not exposed. The right way is to start with good size, quality poles that are sanded smooth. This allows to them to be stained or painted properly. Each chair leg should have a plastic glide under it. Buy chairs that are made this way & you will enjoy them for years to come.

Styling, cost & value...if you see a chair made of Rattan Poles like our Savannah Chairs they are "Rattan Dining Chairs" If there is a lot of weaving like our Santa Fe or Monterey Chairs they are "Rattan Framed Wicker Dining Chairs". Wicker is not a material. It is a weaving process. Lots of chairs styles combine both of these great looks. Please notice the arms of the chairs. Some are made with a single rattan pole. Some are double and some are triple. When there is more than one pole a thinner piece of rattan is placed in between the poles so you do not see a space.The more materials & the more weaving will make the chairs cost a little more because of the extra work. Our chairs are made the right way. You will get way more than your monies worth over time. With normal care & use you can expect a long life from these chairs.They are 100% hand made at the factory. There is no assembly required.  We marvel at the beauty & skill involved.

Wheels or Casters...when a chair has casters on their legs the are going to cost a little more to make. First the base has to be made. Then the seat area (frequently called the bucket) has to be made. Both of these parts are separately made and atached by a steel mechanism that allows them to swivel. Finally the casters have to be installed.  They roll, they swivel & will be pretty comfortable for a dining chair.

Cushions...There are lots of fabric choices. Our cushions are made to order. We offer mostly synthetic fabrics. There is a nice selection of Spun Polyester Fabrics & if you have sun exposure or want the more fade resistant fabrics we also offer Sunbrella Fabrics for most of our chairs. These are quality cushions made right here. None of our cushions are made overseas. Our experience is that our American Made cushions are better quality.

Customer Service...We are here 6 days a week to answer questions & help anyway we can. We offer personal service.

Where to use them...these chairs are made of natural wicker & rattan. They must be used indoors, in sunrooms, enclosed porches & family rooms. They also very popular as accent chairs in bedrooms & living rooms. Their beautiful hand work enriches any room you put them in. Please know they must go indoors or very well covered outdoor areas. They will get ruined in the rain.

We offer free curbside delivery to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address.

White Glove where the furniture is unwrapped and brought into your house & setup where you want it. All packing materials are taken away. This is done by professional furniture delivery services. This  is a treat,  but there are extra charges for this service. How muh depends on your delivery location & how much furniture is being delivered. West coast is more expensive than east coast.

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Aluminum framed synthetic wicker
can be used indoors or outdoors.
Natural Wicker & Rattan products must be
used indoors or in well covered outdoor areas.