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Wicker Dining Chairs

Scroll down to see our wonderful selection. At Wicker Warehouse our Wicker Dining Chairs come in a variety of styles that are designed for your comfort and entertaining needs. Each of our Wicker Dining Chairs come with lots of fabric choices and various frame colors to perfectly match your indoor sets. 

Construction..To make really good chairs the frames must be made of very sturdy, broom handle size rattan poles. Then there is a second step of labor & more raw material to weave & attach the smaller pieces of wicker over the outside of the frames. When there is a second step of weaving smaller sized pieces of wicker over the rattan frames the furniture is called Wicker. If there is no weaving then the furniture is rattan. Wicker is not a material. It is a weaving process.

Understanding you know that a wicker dining chair requires a second step of labor & raw material. This is why they will be a little more expensive than rattan dining chairs. Wicker Dining Chairs that house both seat & back cushions are larger (they need to be a little deeper so you are not sitting too far foward with the back cushion) so there is more work to make the frames & they require more fabric to make both a seat & back cushions. All of these things will make the chairs a little more expensive to make  & cost you a little more to buy, but now you know why.  These are quality chairs and are a very good value.

Life Span... with normal use & care natural wicker have a long life. We are making new cushions for customers that bought their furniture 8,10 or 12 years ago.

Where to use them...everyone uses wicker chairs in their family rooms, on enclosed porches and & in sunrooms. They are also very popular as accent chairs in living rooms & bedrooms. Their elegant hand weaving enriches any room you put them in. Being a natural product these chairs must be used indoors or very well covered outdoor areas. If left in the rain they will absorb the water & slowly deteriorate.

Maintenance...vacuuming, feather dusting or an occasional wiping down with a damp rag usually does the trick. If you select white chairs, just as you paint your kitchen walls to keep them fresh you may want to put a light coat of paint on them over the years. If they are a stained they may require nothing or maybe a light coat of spray lacquer. Just use your common sense. There are no special tricks with wicker furniture.

Custom painting..You will also see that we offer custom painting on some of our Wicker Chairs. We give you lots of options & offer good quality furniture made the right way! Our fabrics come from the best American Fabric Mills & are made here. None are from overseas. Call us for personal service. We are here 6 days a week to answer your questions. We want you happy & to love your furniture.

Free Shipping...we offfer free shiping to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address.

White Glove delivery---if you want your furniture onboxed, carried in & setup in your home we can normally arrange that. Prices vary based on locations. The delivering truckers charge more for this service.

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Aluminum framed synthetic wicker
can be used indoors or outdoors.
Natural Wicker & Rattan products must be
used indoors or in well covered outdoor areas.