Buy Wicker Furniture Direct from Indonesia

This is an offering to all businesses

Pretty much world wide. Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants,

Sellers,  Resellers and online sellers. Your full container prices will be very

Attractive. The other costs include Ocean Freight to get it

To you, Customs clearing in your country and any trucking

That may be involved. You will also need a warehouse operation to receive & ship goods from.

Having experience in this type of business will help you a lot.…take a look at our web site.

if you have a web site like we do buying container loads of our furniture and selling them to customers

in your part of the world may be very attractive to you. We sell to  customers in the 48 states.

If you have warehouse operations in Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East or

Europe Our products may be good for you. We are selling them here in the USA since 1978.

New Items...we can make pretty much any rattan furniture and are happy to make you exclusive designs. Scroll all the way down to see samples of our our most recent productions.

Cushions..we can also make quality cushions at very attractive prices.

You will need a facility to off load these products into.

Quality Furniture.

Our Factories are all in Indonesia.

We make Quality Natural Rattan Furniture,

Quality Aluminum Framed Synthetic Wicker Furniture

and Teak Furniture in just about any style.

We also offer Rehau/Viro Synthetic Wicker. 

Production time is about 120 days—give or take.

Shipping time is 6-8 weeks to most locations.

Full container prices being shipped directly require a

60% deposit to start production. The remaining 40%

Must be paid before product is released.

Furniture production prices are very favorable now. 

Ocean freight rates will be given when the furniture

Has been made and is ready to ship. We can quote you

The rates at the time you place your order. They can fluctuate

Up or down when your order is ready to ship.

Freight rates are very favorable now.

The best way is for you to have your own freight fowarder

And customs clearing. Our fowarder serves just about anyplace in the world. 

Contacts.. we have a team here is the USA and in Indonesia.

We are geared to serve you.

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