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Wicker Trunks & Chests

Scroll down to see our Wicker Trunks, perfect for storage.

How we make them.

The Frames...We make a very sturdy frame from mahogany wood. Then the entire trunk is finished & lined with different textures of wood. There are no loose ends of wicker to catch onto what you are storing in them.

Factory Made..Everything is made in our partner factory using tried & true methods of carpentry. The wood is cut, joints are properly joined & screwed in. The frames are very sturdy and made to last for the long run. There is No Assembly Required. These are Wicker Warehouse Designs & Products.

The Weaving...After all of the carpentry is done the weaving begins. Different textures of natural rattan are woven & wrapped over the frame. Look down the legs  & on the trunk lids. See how carefully & skillfully the weaving is? Everything is done the right way and you will see that the wicker materials are top notch. We use Indonesian Natural Rattan considered to be the best in the world.

The finishing & hardware...Now our trunks are ready to be painted White or stained Whitewash, Caramel, Teawash Brown or Coffee. We offer 4 different style White Trunks. The last steps are to attach the hinges that hold the lid on, screw on the hydrolic hinge that helps keep the trunk lid up when you open it, then attach the front latch & both side handles. Finally a plastic glide is placed on the bottom of each leg. You will see the different style trunks & see that some have latches & handles & some do not, but the frames are all made the same way.

Really Strong..While not meant to be a seat they are all strong enough for 2 normal sized people to sit on them. These are truly well made, attractive pieces of furniture. Each trunk weighs about 48--55 lbs. With normal use you will have these trunks for years to come.

Personal Experience..we have a Bombay Trunk at the foot of our bed that we fold the bed spread down onto. We sit on this trunk every morning when we put our socks on. My wife opens it every day as she has some clothing in it. Our trunk has been there since 1990. Still going strong.

What do our customers use them for? Mostly for storage. Shoes, clothes, pocketbooks, blankets or anything else. Some folks tell us they use them as coffee tables in front of their sofas. Do you have good furniture and need something really nice to go with it? You will love our Wicker Storage Trunks and Wicker Chests. At the end of your bed, storage in your office, as a coffee table or in the hallway. Some keep the grand kids toys in them.  We make our Our Blanket Chest with raised sides so that a cushion can nestle in there. This wicker trunk is used for seating & storage in any room. Creating storage space never looked this good! 

Our prices include FREE Fed EX Shipping to most locations in the 48 states.  Our trunks are packed well. Paper wrapped, bubble wrapped and inserted into a box with cardboard corners for extra protection for the feet and lid. We also place extra packing over ther front latch. We pack 1 trunk to each box.

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Set Descending Direction

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Aluminum framed synthetic wicker
can be used indoors or outdoors.
Natural Wicker & Rattan products must be
used indoors or in well covered outdoor areas.