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Wicker Replacement Cushions for Patio Furniture, Wicker Chair Cushions

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At Wicker Warehouse we offer beautiful new cushions for furniture that houses both seat & back cushions. We make replacement cushions for wicker chairs, sofas, love seats, sectionals or almost any new cushion you might want. We have the same upholsterer for over 25 years. We offer quality American Made cushions. Read the reviews on our Home Page.

Reversible...our cushions are reversible. Being able to use both sides of your cushions will add a much longer life to them.

Very important...please know that we buy fabrics. We do not make them. The fabric mills, Sunbrella included are behind in making fabrics. They closed for 2 months late spring--we all know why. We order fabric. They provide a delivery date & then update us that the fabric will be shipped 4 weeks later than we were originaly told. You can count on us to tell you the truth. Sometimes that "truth" changes. We need your understanding & patience.

Spun Polyester Fabrics. We offer about 40 different Spun Polyester Fabrics all at the same price. Spun Polyester fabrics are synthetic and you will be very happy with them in indoors and covered outdoor areas. They Will Fade in sunlight. To put the colors or patterns on Spun Polyester materials the fabric mills do what is called a silk screening process. The colors are printed on top of the fabrics. The colors do not go through to the other side of the fabric. Solid colors are the only exception to this. There the colors go through to the other side. They are more fade resistant than the florals and stripes, but will still fade over time.

Sunbrella Fabrics. We offer lots of Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics costs a little more $ per yard, but worth it for sunny areas. Cushions made with Sunbrella Fabric are known for their fade, stain & mildew resistance. Sunbrella Fabrics are an acrylic material that goes through a Dyed Solution process. That means that each & every strand of fabric is soaked in a dyed BEFORE it is woven into yards of fabric. The dye coats each & every thread of fabric. This type of treatment has been very sucessful for outdoor awnings, boats and of course cushions fior outdoor wicker furniture.

Value..We are all price conscious, but we must also think beyond the the initial prices. The longer your cushions last the less expensive they are over time. The same thing applies to furniture. You will get your monies worth with Wicker Warehouse Furniture & our American Made cushions made with Sunbrella Fabrics.

National Brands..We also offer replacement cushions for Lane Venture, South Sea Ratan, Braxton Culler, Classic Rattan, Yesteryear Wicker  and any other company. We make brand new cushions that have both seat & back cushions. Breathe new life into your wicker furniture with replacement cushions and throw pillows today.

Buying does not cost more to make cushions to order that will perfectly fit your set. It actually costs less than having them made in advance. There are so many fabrics, so many colors, so many sizes that just storing them would be an enormous expense. Cushions made in advance may be made overseas & not be the quality that we off

Wicker Chair Cushions...Lots of people have what we call midsize furniture that just houses seat cushions.You can have brand new mid-size wicker cushions for your smaller wicker furniture sets, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans. We will make you almost any size that you need. Seats only or seat & backs. 

Why Our Tufted Cushions Are Better... this type of cushion is filled with nonporous polyester. There are no zippers. To keep the ployester from "waffling" around inside of the cushion most people stitch the top of the cushion to to bottom of the cushion. Lots of them have 4 stitch down areas on each chair cushion. We find this make the cushion harder, sometimes lumpy and not so comfortable, but it is fast and inexpensive to do. We take two button that are covered with the same material the cushion is made from. One of the buttons has a string on it. We take a crochet needle, push it up through the center of the cushion and hook the string onto it. We pull the string through to the other side of the cushion and hook it onto the other button that has a hook on it..we put 1 center button in each chair & ottoman and 3 in each love seat. When the cushions are stiched down the fabric on the top of the cushoon comes all the way down to the fabric on the bottom of the cushion. There is no "give" in it. It is just a multi tufted "hard" seat. Our one button cushion is not stitched down and has about 1/2" of give in it. We feel this makes for a much more comfortable and better looking cushion.

We offer FREE Fed Ex Shipping to most locations in the 48 states.