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Natural Wicker Porch Furniture Sets, Midsize

Scroll down to view our sets....Welcome to our Midsize Natural Wicker Porch Furniture Sets. Here we make the seats wide enough & deep enough to accommodate seat cushions only. If you were to put a back cushion  on these frames you would sit too far foward. We do offer one set below, Capri, that the frames a just a little bit deeper on and house thin back cushions. Wait until you see how well made they are. We frame the furniture out with thick "broom handle" size rattan poles. The we take those rattan poles and process them down to any smaller size that we want. The smaller pieces--you call them wicker--are then hand woven & hand tied over the frames. We offer different styles, colors & fabulous cushions! This furniture must go indoors or well covered outdoors. We have some really nice styles. Please notice the different heights of the furniture from the floor to the top of the chair backs. These sets occupy many porches & sunrooms, but also are used for accent furniture in most any room.

This is 100% handmade furniture all from natural materials. After 40 years we still marvel at the skill of handmaking them.

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