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Outdoor Resin Wicker Patio Furniture, Wicker Furniture Sets, Wicker Patio Sets

Scroll down to see a large selection. Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture, also known as Resin Wicker Patio Furniture, can be modern, classic, traditional or resort-inspired. From white antique rockers to espresso brown sectionals, wicker furniture has certainly evolved. We have all of the pieces you might want. Wicker chairs, sofas, love seats, chaise lounges, glider chairs, cocktail & end tables & lots of dining sets.
Wicker Warehouse proudly offers a full range of Wicker Furniture that feature our own exclusive designs made by our partner factories. We also represent some of the finest American brands, including Lane, South Sea, Braxton Culler, Whitecraft, Yesteryear, Spice Islands ,Classic Rattan and more.

Comfort...please look at the pictures of our furniture. Look at our seat cushions. See how the distance from the floor to the top of the seat cushion in the front of the cushion is higher than it is in the back of the cushion? Our seats are pitched back so that you automatically lean back & sink into our back cushions. Combine this with our deep seats & high backs and you have comfortable furniture made the right way.

Quality..All our products are incredibly sturdy and built to last, featuring aluminum frames, never steel that may rust, long-lasting synthetic wicker & sun-resistant fabrics. Our wicker is made the right way. A word about synthetic wicker. We find the best natural rattan in the world comes from Indonesia so that is where our partner factories for natural wicker are. Synthetic Resin Wicker is a whole different story. It is a man made product. There are lots of different qualities that a furniture maker can buy. In todays world of internet dealers and big box stores where everyone is fighting to offer the lowest prices quality materials can sometimes suffer. Not only the wicker, but the fabrics and quality in making the cushions. We specialize in Wicker Furniture. This is all we do. Our wicker patio furniture requires little to no assembly. You can start enjoying these beautiful pieces right away. You can count on us and the premium suppliers we mentioned above to provide a full selection of full size, quality wicker furniture.

Where to use it...this furniture is made with the tried & true methods of making any furniture, but it is made with materials that are made to withstand normal outdoor conditions. Lots of people use it indoors, in sunrooms, on porches or anyplace else they like. The aluminum frames have quality polyethylene wicker woven over them. This material can soften and be affected by 100 degree plus temperatures. This product is like everything else. You need to use your own common sense.

  • Mid Size Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

    Mid Size Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

    Purchase our mid size wicker patio furniture as 4-piece or 7-piece sets, or as individual items. Comfortable yet compact, these chairs, rockers, and loveseats are the perfect fit for most homes.
  • Full Size Wicker Patio Sets

    Full Size Wicker Patio Sets

    Offered in stunning colors and unique weaves, our full size wicker patio sets are of the utmost quality and comfort. From downhome to high-end, you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  • Outdoor Resin Wicker Sectionals

    Outdoor Resin Wicker Sectionals

    Made with synthetic resin wicker, our all-weather outdoor wicker sectionals are built to last. With seating for 6 to 9 people, your patio will become an entertainer’s paradise.
  • 5 Piece Resin Wcker  Chat Sets

    5 Piece Resin Wcker Chat Sets

    From high back chairs to swivel gliders, we have the right 5-piece chat set (or conversation set) for your patio. Each set features 4 chairs and a table that’s perfect for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.
  • 3 Piece Resin Wicker  Chat Sets

    3 Piece Resin Wicker Chat Sets

    Would you like a 3-piece chat set with a cocktail table or a dining table? It’s up to you! We have beautiful sets made for conversing and dining.
  • Outdoor Resin Wicker Sofas

    Outdoor Resin Wicker Sofas

    With comfortable seating for three, our sofas are the perfect option for cozy, roomy seating. Perfect for staring off at the sunset and chatting with friends.
  • Outdoor Resin Wicker Love Seats

    Outdoor Resin Wicker Love Seats

    Love seats are a great option for a smaller patio or as an addition to an existing set. We offer loveseats in a variety of styles and colors. Each one features sun-resistant cushions.
  • Outdoor Resin Wicker Chairs & Rockers

    Outdoor Resin Wicker Chairs & Rockers

    Wicker chairs, ottomans, and rockers are comfortable, stylish, and functional. Our furniture is crafted with synthetic wicker that is easy to care for and built to last.
  • Glider Chairs & Love Seats

    Glider Chairs & Love Seats

    An update to the classic rocker, glider chairs are incredibly comfortable and soothing. It’s true that nothing beats time spent outdoors, and gliders make it even better.
  • Outdoor Resin Wicker Chaise Lounges

    Outdoor Resin Wicker Chaise Lounges

    For high quality chaise lounges, you have to choose wicker. No other material will transport you from your backyard to your favorite resort quicker. View our classic and modern styles.
  • Coffee, Cocktail & End Tables

    Coffee, Cocktail & End Tables

    Perfect for entertaining or taking your morning cup of coffee, our small tables come in a variety of styles and neutral wood tones. Each features a glass top.
  • Outdoor Resin Wicker Patio Dining Sets

    Outdoor Resin Wicker Patio Dining Sets

    With seating for four to ten people, our high quality wicker dining sets are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Choose from the sets we’ve put together or match up your favorite chairs and tables.
  • Resin Wicker Dining Chairs

    Resin Wicker Dining Chairs

    We offer high backed chairs, cafe chairs, and bistro chairs. If you entertain large parties often, you’ll enjoy having a set of stackable wicker dining chairs on hand.
  • Dining Tables

    Dining Tables

    Our small wicker dining tables are perfect for two, while our larger tables can fit four to ten. If you need shade, then you’re in luck. Many of our dining tables feature an umbrella hole.
  • Bar Height Dining

    Bar Height Dining

    Elevate your entertaining with bar height dining sets. These beautiful wicker sets seat four, and the tables have plenty of space for a full dinner setting.
  • Bars & Bar Stools

    Bars & Bar Stools

    With wicker bar stools in every style from cafe to Caribbean, your outdoor entertaining setup will be divine. No bar? No problem. We offer resin wicker bars in multiple colors.
  • Serving Carts

    Serving Carts

    Resin wicker serving carts and tables featuring inset glass shelves and table tops are a very classy way to serve cheese platters, wine, or whatever else your guests enjoy.
  • Swing Chairs & Porch Swings

    Swing Chairs & Porch Swings

    Our wicker porch swings and free-standing swing chairs will bring out the kid in you. Retire to the porch, swing for a while, and watch your worries melt away. Available in natural and resin wicker.
  • Storage Trunks

    Storage Trunks

    We have two sizes of storage trunks to help you pack away your cushions and protect them from summer sun and winter rain. The storage trunks are finished in synthetic wicker weave for durability.
  • Plant Stands

    Plant Stands

    What is outdoor living without plants? We offer beautiful plant stands in a variety of colors. Combine these with matching furniture sets or use alone.
  • Furniture Covers

    Furniture Covers

    Moving your furniture around to protect it from the sun is certainly not ideal. We offer very affordable furniture covers to help you protect your investment in comfy entertaining for years to come.
  • Benches


    Wicker benches are comfy, easy, and informal. Choose from wicker benches in a variety of colors, including driftwood, golden honey, and antique brown. We offer cushions in both vibrant and neutral colors.
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