Wicker Bathroom Furniture

Our Wicker Bathroom Furniture is really well made.

Quality Construction...We frame our bathroom products with large, broom handle size rattan poles or if there are drawers or doors we frame this in wood. Please notice the size and diameter of the poles we use and the overall quality of wicker that is woven & wrapped over them. The same goes for our cabinets. We frame them out with mahogany wood and finish the carpentry with different textures of wood so that are very strong and have good weight. Then natural wicker is woven & wrapped over the wooden frames. You will notice that our "wicker is thicker" than what have seen before. These are quality products.

Wicker Hampers..we have brand new cloth lined wicker hampers coming later this summer. Estmating the 1st week of August. Better date as we get closer. We put up a picture so you can see them. We are making them in 3 colors. White,Teawash Brown & Whitewash. You are welcome to contact us now & we will save one for you. No charges until we have an exact delivery date. We will contact you when we know.

Wall Cabinets..we offer 3 different styles of Wicker Wall Cabinets. They are all framed out with wood and woven over. They are done exactly the same way as our full size Wicker cabinets that have drawers & or doors.

Selection...We offer lots of styles & lots of colors. Even our waste baskets are made with a thicker & stronger strand of wicker than you normally see. Just click on the pictures. Our prices really good & they include Free Fed Ex shipping to most locations in the 48 states.

Fed Ex Shipping..we pay the shipping charges to most locations in the 48 states. Our larger cabinets are delivered in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address. Yes, we pay those also to most locations in the 48 states.