Rattan & Wicker Storage Trunks TV Stands & Cabinets

You will love our Wicker Trunks, Chests, TV Stands & Cabinets as they are all very well made & nicely finished.  We even finish the back side.They will be an attractive addition to your homes. Our customers love these trunks.

We make all of these products the same way real furniture is made. They have a mahogany wood frame with different textures of wicker hand woven & hand tied over the frames. You will notice that this furniture is a little better made than most wicker you will see.

Hand Made..our Wicker Trunks are all individually Hand Made. The carpenters make the frames. The weavers hand weave & hand tie the smaller textures of wicker over the frames. Then the trunks are ready to go to the finishing room.

Finishing...they are all either spray painted or spry finished.


Ecco Friendly...they are made of all natural materials.

Click into our individual trunks to see all of our different styles and see pictures 

featuring all sides of them. 

Shipping Time.....We normally Fed Ex them witin 5 working days. Then Fed Ex time to your zip code.

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