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Wicker & Rattan Bar & Counter Stools

Scroll down to see our Natural Wicker & Rattan Swivel Bar & Counter Stools. The selection is fabulous.

Our Prices--go down when you buy 2-4 stools.

Styling...we offer lots of different styles. Some have swivels, some are stationary, meaning that they do not have swivel mechanisms. Some have arms, some do not. While most of stools have backs, we even offer rattan counter or bar stools that are backless. Most of our stools house seat cushions only. If we were to put a back cushion on them you would sit too far foward. You will see bar stools that have deeper seats that can house back cushions as well as seat cushions. Lots to chose from

Construction...when a chair or bar stool has a swivel in them first the seat area has to be made--we call this the bucket--then the base has to be made.The seat & base have to have extra construction built in so that the steel swivel mechanism can be attached between the seat & base. All of the bases are made from very sturdy rattan poles. The seat areas are framed out with rattan poles, but as you look at the different styles you will some have woven areas. The woven areas are referred to as wicker. Wicker is not a material it is a weaving process. Smaller strands of rattan or on a few styles water hyacinth or seagrass is used to weave over the rattan frames on the seat areas. Water hyacinth is a plant that grows by riversides. It is dried and processed then woven the frames. These products are very enviromentally friendly.

Frame Colors..the most popular frame colors are lighter & darker tones of brown and off white Whitewash type tones, but we also offer some stools that are custom finished in any of 11 different frame colors. You are sure to find the color that works best for you.

Our Cushions... are all American Made with quality fabrics from American textile mils. They normally are filled with a 2" piece of densified polyeurethane foam and wrapped with nonporous dacron.

How to know whether you need a bar or counter stool. The seat height of your stool must be about  10- 12" lower that the bar or counter you are placing them by. The normal height for counters is 36" from the floor to the top of the counter. That means the seat height of your stools must be 24"-26". Bar are normally 42" high so the seat height of your bar stools must be around 30"- 32"

Assembly & Packaging...there is no assembly required. Everything is made properly at the factory. One stool is packed in each carton. This allows them to travel safely and make it very easy for you to handle them.

Bar & Counter height tables... if you want a table for your stools to go around we offer those also.

We offer free curbside delivery to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address.

White glove delivery can be arranged for and additional charge. East coast white glove is about $150 extra & west coast would be more depending on the final destination.


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Aluminum framed synthetic wicker
can be used indoors or outdoors.
Natural Wicker & Rattan products must be
used indoors or in well covered outdoor areas.