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Outdoor Resin Wicker Chairs, Ottomans & Rockers

Scroll down to see our selection.There's nothing better than lounging around with your family & friends on a beautiful patio complete with outdoor wicker furniture. will see lots of styles & lots of colors. Some of our chairs are solid woven. Some are open woven and some are a combination of both. Some of our chair frames are high backed. Some are low backed. Some house full size seat & back cushions. Some house just seat cushions. You do not want to put a back cushion on a midsize chair as you will sit too far foward. You will enjoy browsing through a large selection of quality hand made resin wicker chairs & rockers. We want you to have a really good shopping experience.

Construction...Our Resin Wicker Chairs & Rockers have heavy gauge, factory welded Aluminum Frames. We place heavy gauge aluminum poles into a form. That form will be the desired shape of the collection we are making. After the poles are formed that are welded in place. Then they are sent to be powder coated the same color that the exterior synthetic wicker will be. Powder coating means painting & baking the finish. The frames are then ready for the weavers. 

There is no assembly required. Only the rocker runners have to be popped onto the bottom of each rocker leg and one--included--stainless steel screw has to put up through the bottom of each runner and up into each leg. We would do it here, but the runners stick out of both ther front & back of the rockers & the truckers can easily damage them.

The synthetic wicker that is hand woven & hand tied over the frames is a man made product. There are many different qualities that can be purchased to weave over the frames. We are buying HDPE--high density polyethylene. You can google it & read about it. This is a better quality synthetic wicker. Doing this since 1978 we notice that not all furniture being offered is using the better materials. Some use steel for the frames. Some require assembly. Some are using less expensive synthetic wicker & some having their cushions made overseas. Our cushions are American Made. We have the same upholsterer for over 25 years.

A buying tip...when you sit in furniture made with the less expensive synthetic wicker they will feel harder because they have a plastic content. The better quality HDPE has a softer feel. More confortable to lean back against also. Plastic is less expensive. It dries & cracks much faster. Especially in the sun.

Our Resin wicker chairs, rockers & all weather chaise lounges are available in lots of different frame colors and lots of different fabrics. We offer our wicker furniture in White, Brown, Driftwood, Black & Golden Honey. We have continuity of wicker color on most of our sets. That means we use the same color wicker for EG--sofas, chairs, dining sets & even plant stands. If you are buying lots of furniture & accessories check with us. We will tell you if the colors are a perfect match, a coordinate or different color tone.

Are our chairs stackable..Look at the back corners of our chairs above the seat area. If there are openings on each side that usually means the chairs are stackable. We are answering phone 6 days a week. We check our emails 7 days a week.

Fabrics..We offer over 40 different Spun Polyester Fabrics all at the same price and for sunny areas we offer lots of Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella Fabrics cost more $ per yard but are worth it for outdoor & sunny areas. Sunbrella fabrics are know for their fade & stain resistance. Spun polyester fabrics are good for indoors or well covered outdoor areas. They will fade in sunlight. You can read about our fabrics on the Home Page of Outdoor Wicker Furniture. You also go to 

When buying chairs add in an outdoor resin wicker dining set  or some end tables and tell the friends to make sure they bring some wine. You have a place for them to put their glasses on. This is quality resin patio furniture. When thinking about outdoor wicker furniture, think about Wicker Warehouse.

  • Wicker Chairs & Ottomans

    Wicker Chairs & Ottomans

    Our Resin Wicker Chairs are fabulous. We make the frames from heavy gauge factory welded aluminum & weave quality synthetic wicker over them.
  • Rocking Chairs

    Rocking Chairs

    Our Resin Wicker Rockers are top notch. They are made the same way as our chairs. You will need to pop the runners on & put one screw into each leg.