White Vineyard Wicker Seating and Dining

White Vineyard Wicker Seating and Dining Natural Wicker

Natural Rattan White Vineyard. You will love this beautiful 100% handmade wicker set. We frame it out with very sturdy broom handle size rattan poles and finish it with smaller textures of wicker woven & wrapped over the frame. It must be used indoors or in very well covered outdoor areas. This is quality furniture that you will enjoy for years to come

Quality Construction.. we show pictures of the underneath constuction of our furniture frames. Our Vineyard furnitire is more impressive when you see it. The frames are made of very stturdy rattan poles. We cut the thinner stands of wicker that are woven over the frames to a much thicker texture than you are used to seeing. This is quality wicker furniture made the right way.

Sizes---Check out the measurements. Our love seats, chairs & rockers are all about 38.5" high. This is considerably higher than the average midsize wicker furniture. Our Vineyard Furniture will support your shoulders & your back. This is very good wicker furniture.

Our Cushions...are American Made. We stuff them to about 5" thick. When you sit on them they spread a little and compress down to about 4" thick. They are quality Cushions.

Fabrics.. we offer about 40 different Spun Polyester Fabrics all at the same price. If you would like your cushions made with Sunbrella Fabric we can do it. We offer a large selection of Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella costs more $ per yard, but you get your monies worth as they are know to be very fade, stain & mildew resistant. We feel they may actually become less expensive over time. 

Why Sunbrella Fabrics cost more..Sunbrella dyes each & every thread of fabric in a "dyed solution process" BEFORE they weave it into yards. This coats the color onto every thread. This is why outdoor awnings, materials on boats & outdoor furniture cushions made with Sunbrella Fabrics are a very popular choice. Cushions made with Sunbrella Fabrics cost more now, but we feel they cost less over the long run.

We offer free curbside shipping to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address.

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