Outdoor Resin Wicker Modular Sectionals

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Very Important...When you order our full size furniture sets online the price for the entire purchase will appear & that should be the total price, but we will not charge you. We call you to go over everything making sure everything is correct. EG--furniture color, fabric selection & time frame. Also we have to make sure you are not in an outer area like the Florida Keys that requires some extra shipping charges. When you tell us everything is clear & in order then we charge a deposit. The deposits are usually 25%. Then the remaining 75% balance will be charged to your account after your order is ready, but before the actual ship date as we need an approval on your credit card before we ship. We want things correct & for you to be comfortable & confident before we charge any money. You are also welcome to call us to order. 1-800-274-8602--Six Days a week.

Construction....All of our frames are made of heavy gauge, factory welded aluminum. There is no steel that may rust. There is no assembly required. We use quality--HDPE-- high density polyethylene synthetic wicker. Our frames are made with backs high enough to house a comfortable back cushion.

Cushions & fabrics..there are lots of fabrics to select from. We offer about 40 different Spun Polyester Synthetic Fabrics all at the same price. Spun Polyseter is very good for indoors or covered outdoor areas. They will fade in sunlight. We also have lots of different Sunbrella Acrylic fabrics which are known to be amongst the most fade, stain & mildew resistant. They cost more $ per yard so you pay more now, but we feel they actually become less expensive over time as they look better & last longer. Epecially if your cushions will be exposed to sunlight, mildew or outdoor conditions in general. FYI--Sunbrella dyes every strand of fabric BEFORE they weave it into yards. This"dyed solution process" that soaks and coats every thread of fabric is what creates the extra fade, stain & mildew resistance. We fill our cushions with a 5" thick piece of densified polyurethane foam and cover both the top & bottom of the foam with nonporous sheets of dacron. That is how they become almost 6" thick. These quality materials make for a really nice seat. Our cushions are American Made & we have the same upholsterer for over 25 years. We are in business since 1978.  We only use the best products from the best suppliers.

Fabrics..Sunbrella & Outdura Solution Dyed Acryllic Fabrics are in Grades D & E & some higher grades. Each & every thread of fabric is dyed BEFORE they are woven into yards. This creates a very fade, stain, & mildew resistant fabric. They cost a little more now, but may actually be less expensive over time.

Knowing what to buy.....There are lots of these sectionals available on different web sites. Ask how they are made. Ask what they are made from.  Where are the cushions made. How thick are the seat cushions. Ours are about 5.5" -6" thick.  How deep are the seat cushions. Ours are about 26" deep. How high are the back cushions. Ours are full size & will support your back. When you have some of these questions answered you will better understand what you want & what you are paying for. 

Where to use them...our furniture frames are made to be used indoors and outdoors. Decks, patios or porches are all ok. Make sure to read the paragraph above about our fabrics. If your cushions will be exposed to sunlight you will need to have them made from Sunbrella Fabrics.  Our furniture is made the right way so that it does well just about anyplace, but please use common sense. Extremely hot or cold areas, storms, wind and anything else that occurs out of the norm in your area. Sitting in water or mud is not a good thing. Squirrels are not a good thing. We all know what to do. Care for your furniture and it will stay good.

We offer fabulous prices. Make sure you see our Group Priced Specials or make your own group. If you cannot use our groups,  buy 4 or more pieces and enjoy an Extra Discount

We offer  Free Curbside Shipping to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from you delivery address.