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Important Information Before You Buy

Today`s Shopping experience is new to all of us. We are all buying from pictures and anyone can take a pretty picture, but that does not mean you are receiving a quality product and a good value. You may see an item for $100 and one that looks just like it for $95. Our instinct as consumers is to buy the $95 one and save $5, but maybe that one is really only worth $50. Here are some helpers. 

Outdoor Wicker—make sure you read what materials are used in the construction of the furniture.

We only use Heavy Gauge rust free Aluminum for our frames. It costs more, but understand that Steel can rust—Natural Rattan is porous--  and It can hold water & rot. Our Frames are Factory Welded. Every chair, rocker, sofa & love seat we have are all factory welded.

Besides quality materials, there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED on most of our products.

Our dining tables are a perfect example. The table base is all one piece --factory welded—the table top with inset glass is the same. We cannot attach the table top to the base because they can get damaged in shipping. We box the base and the top separately with extensive packing materials. 

When you receive your table— You turn the table top upside down and the base upside down on top of it-- screw the (4) bolts—they come with it—into the fittings---turn it over and that is it.

We inform you of this because we find that our competitors furniture that does require assembly-- is being made that way to make It less expensive to produce and ship. When they are cutting corners with the frames, They are probably cutting quality everyplace.

Synthetic Wicker—we do not make it—we go to the synthetic wicker supplier to buy it.

There are lots of different qualities that we can buy.

We use good quality--HDPE—high-density polyethylene.  It costs more, but the less expensive materials are loaded with plastic. They can dry, crack & have a shorter life.

Cushions--- same situation---we have American made cushions with fabrics & stuffing from the best American textile mills.

Many cushions are made overseas—you know why—to cut costs. They are generally of inferior quality.

Natural Rattan—we use the best Rattan in the world—comes from Indonesia. The rattan frames are strong and Durable. It is the best rattan to resist splitting & cracking—and we use thick, heavy pieces for our frames, not skinny little pieces.

This is really well made furniture. We try to use the best materials—example-
When we make our Traditional or Pavilion Dressers, our Headboards, our Signature Chairs, desks & file cabinets—

We use Mahogany Wood for the frames. They are strong, well made & have weight to them.

You are welcome to call us and ask about any products.

Facts—we are a 38 year old family run business. You can call here 6 days a week and speak with a real live person.

Most of the products we offer are our own designs, made by our partner factories.

We also represent other fine companies such as Lane, South Sea, Boca Rattan, Classic Rattan, Yester Year, Braxton Culler, Designer, Anacara & Whitecraft by Woodard.

We hope reading this was of help to you.

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