Conclusion: Why Wicker Furniture is Right For You

Throughout this book, we’ve traced wicker furniture right down to its origins (in the botanical history of rattan) all the way through the end of a good wicker piece’s life (see FAQs, question #10). In between is a vast wealth of knowledge that tells a tale of careful craftsmanship, talented artistry, and good old-fashioned furniture know-how.

The only remaining question is: why aren’t you buying some wicker furniture yourself?

If you’re still not sold on the aspects of wicker furniture that should most appeal to you, it’s worth summarizing the points made throughout this book so you can understand why wicker furnishings have enjoyed such a lush and fertile history all the way from the fertile crescent your front porch.

It’s Not Just About Looks

One of the most appealing characteristics of wicker furniture is how it looks. There’s nothing like it. The complicated weaving, the artistry, the contours of well-steamed and formed rattan—no other piece of furniture comes close to wicker furniture’s level of craftsmanship.

But you only have to look at a piece of wicker furniture to truly understand that. The truth is, the reasons to acquire wicker furniture amount to more than just looks.

For many people, that’s a primary consideration—and it should be. After all, your furniture is part of your home. It’s where you’ll be spending most of your life! Between the couches, the beds, and the desks of your home, you’ll spend more time in your furniture than anywhere else on earth. It should look a way that inspires you on a daily basis. Wicker furniture does a beautiful job at this, giving your home a naturalistic, “crafted” feeling that meshes well with just about any style of home décor out there today.

But it’s not only about looks. It’s also about substance. Wicker furniture has serious advantages that exceed the bounds of their artistry. Consider:

  • Wicker furniture is lightweight. It’s easy to stack and store. This makes wicker furniture great for anyone and everyone who likes to move furniture around and frequently has to put out furniture for different guests. It’s a breeze to move a wicker chair that acts as a cornerstone to your living room. Most similar chairs made from heavy woods are a headache to move. This makes wicker furniture especially ideal for people who frequently move—and frequently have to load moving trucks
  • Wicker furniture is highly customizable. Prefer a “dark wood” color? Want a certain type of cushion? Wicker furniture is customizable to the nth degree, allowing you to mix and match just about any type of design your heart desires.
  • Wicker furniture is highly flexible. Yes, it’s flexible physically speaking, but let’s talk about real flexibility: the ability to be used for a number of arrangements. Wicker furniture works both outside and inside. Your leather sofa doesn’t.
  • Wicker furniture is environmentally-friendly. Because rattan is a renewable resource, it’s much better for the environment than other sources of furnishing material. Many types of wood and natural leathers have a negative impact on the environment.

Of course, if you’ve been paying attention, you already knew about all of these benefits. What this book can’t tell you is how wicker might fit into your life.

Building a Home with Wicker

As you’ve read in this book, there are many possibilities for using wicker around the home. You can use it as a laundry basket or you can use it as the centerpiece set in your living room – and everywhere in between. Don’t feel limited in the way you use wicker and rattan furniture around the house. Look for ways to use it everywhere. Add to your basement bar by adding a few stackable wicker barstools. Or finish that new deck you’ve built with an outdoor synthetic wicker set that can stay outdoors all the time.

Building a home with wicker ultimately depends on how you choose to use your wicker. And once you acquire wicker furniture for your home, you now have the tools for cleaning, maintenance, and repair that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

We hope that your new home glows with a little bit more luster when you decide to use wicker furniture for your comfort. We hope it gives you a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the sun on those perfect summer days. But ultimately, we hope you find new uses for your wicker to get the full value out of your investment in rattan. After all, it may just be the investment of a lifetime.