Classic Rattan Bedroom Collections

Classic Rattan Bedroom Collections

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Where are they made…Cebu is an Island off the coast of the Philippines that is famous for making quality furniture.

How they are made…These dressers are framed out with local hardwoods using the tried & true methods of carpentry. The dresser top and drawer pulls are made of wood. The drawers are also made of wood. Metal drawer glides are attached on the insides of the frame. There are rollers so the drawers open & close easily & perfectly. Please notice the legs at the bottom of the furniture that elevate them.

The Design…is understated elegance. After the wooden frames are made the weavers go to work to create a beautiful look. The sides and trim above the drawers is done in a solid lattice design. The drawer fronts have a smaller textured, cane like appearance. The wooden tops offer a classic, upscale look that will enrich any room from your master bedroom to your guest room.

Custom Finishing..all of the finishing is done right here in the USA. This is quality finishing. All items on your order go into the finishing room at the same time so you can be assured they all match very well. You may choose from 10 different frame colors all at the same price. Only the White color costs a little more because there are more steps and labor to create a white color that will stay white and be very chip resistant.

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